Enroll Now



Register to enroll your kids now in the Freedom School program K-8, there are standards that parents must be willing to honor to ensure full participation and the maximal benefit for all involved in the program:



  1. Parents or guardians MUST be willing to attend three of the six weekly workshops/programs each Thursday @ 6:00 p.m. (If the parent/guardian cannot attend on a certain night, a representative may suffice given the administration receives prior notice via parental consent.)
  2. Each parent MUST be willing to ensure the participation and cooperation of their children with the code of conduct and etiquette enforced by the administration and staff.
  3. Each parent MUST provide accurate means of contact whether via phone or email whereby your child’s status in the program can be communicated to you in a timely manner.
  4. Each parent MUST fill out an application NOW in order to have the best chance of enrolling your student as there is a limit of 80 slots!
  5. To enroll your child (children) in the 2015 Third Baptist Freedom School, please print and complete the application and fax it to (415) 346-4259 or scan and email it to tbcsffreedomschool@gmail.com.