While the Third Baptist Freedom School does not charge for enrollment or any of its current services, in order to expand its services as well as the limited number of students served, this program needs the support of friends like you. To become our friend means:

You believe in the mission of this program and the manner whereby Third Baptist presents it to the community;

  1. You desire to see the program sustained and expanded to include more quality services for even more students and families;
  2. You have witnessed the practice of the 4 E’s by the Third Baptist staff and desire to support more young students and young professionals in the dawn of their careers;
  3. And you are willing to support the Third Baptist Freedom School financially and/or in volunteer or other in kind services.

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All Donations exceeding $500.00 will be given recognized in the Community-wide Grand Finale program.

Additional Means of Support

  1. Be a guest reader during Harambee!
  2. Provide transportation for 2 scholars coming from Homeward Bound
  3. Offer services/classes for parents and/or children in such areas as art, music, financial planning, health and fitness, parenting skills, conflict resolution
  4. Provide tickets for field trips to events such as ball games or museums
  5. Provide access for tours into venues such as newspapers, retail corporate headquarters, media venues, performing arts centers, or medical facilities as a way to expand the scholar’s world view and vision of career opportunities
  6. Provide in-kind services including marketing, bookkeeping, graphic arts or printing etc.

Contact Information

Third Baptist Church

1399 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: (415) 346 4426
Fax: (415) 346 4259